At London Academy,  fees are subject to annual review but every effort is made to keep the costs to a minimum.

2019-20 Fees

Tuition Fees

Preschool (Nursery to FS2)

Primary (Year 1 to Year 6)

Lower School (Year 7 to Year 9)

Upper School (Year 10 to Year 13)

49000 MAD Per Year

69000 MAD Per Year

79000 MAD Per Year

89000 MAD Per Year

One Time Fees

Application Fee

Entry Fee


2000 MAD

20.000 MAD

(2nd Child 15.000 MAD – 3rd Child 10.000 MAD)

Registration Fees

 Enrollment Fee

Learning Ressources



7000 MAD Per Year

4000 MAD

9000 MAD / Preschool & Primary

9500 MAD / Secondary 

9500 MAD

Family Discount / Remise Fraterie

-5% on Tuition Fees for 2nd Child

-10% on Tuition Fees for 3rd Child

Annual Payment / Paiement Annuel

Parents receive 5% discount if the year is paid in full before August, 31th

Payment Options / Mode de Paiement

Enrollment Fee : Entry Fee + Enrollment Fee + Learning Ressources

1st Payment : August 26th-31th

2nd Payment : December 16th – 23rd

3rd Payment : March 16th – 23rd

Payment by: personal check or wire transfer.